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Here is what is included in the interview package

Mindset Secrets

  • Mindful Wealth Revealed; 3 Powerful Secrets for Getting What You Want - LEISA PETERSON
  • Why Mindset is your biggest asset - BARBARA SCHREINER-TRUDEL
  • How to cope with overwhelm and achieve a work-life balance - TAMARA DONN
  • Your Holistic Concierge: For Business AND For Life - MAURA KENNEDY
  • Nurturing your Business AND your Children - JEANNE-MARIE PAYNEL
  • New Year’s Resolutions: Making them work for you! - LIZ WOLFE
  • Nutrition and Self Care for the Busy Entrepreneur - CARLY POLLACK
  • Human Design: The Science of Discovering Who You Really Are! - KAREN CURRY PARKER

Business & Marketing Tips

  • How to make money from Blogging- SOPHIE LIZARD
  • Facebook Business Marketing- 5 tips - SHARON CALLIX
  • The secrets to on line marketing and building your audience - KAMILA GORNIA
  • Video Marketing & You Tube: Why it's an essential part of your business- OWEN HEMSATH
  • How to be a World Class Coach- KAREN CAPPELLO
  • Run your business as a business: Get your systems and processes under control - AMIEE MUELLER
  • The Truth about Network Marketing- ROGER & EMMANUELLE DUCE
  • Delegate to get it done! How to work ON your business not IN your business! - DONNA MAIO
  • How to be a Productivity Superhero! - DAN LE FAVE
  • How to Build a Brand - MILES FRYER

Inspiring Stories

  • Coming Back from Devastation to Influence and Inspiration - PAM WARREN
  • Transforming your passion for wellness in to a profitable business - GABRIELLE PELICCI
  • From personal disaster, intervention to a new business AND life! - JD MESSINGER
  • It's Never Too Late To Live Your Dream - DONNA VISOCKY
  • How making money, and selling, can feel like bliss - AVA WAITS
  • How to use life's lessons to grow and teach - BRUCE VAN HORN

Take Action Before This Offer Expires